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Deadly Manners

Nov 28, 2017

In the final chapter of Season One of Deadly Manners, the killer is confronted and the night's festivities come to a close.

Created by Ali Garfinkel (Writer) and Alex Aldea (Producer).

Cast List:

Narrator - LeVar Burton
Veronica Billings - Kristen Bell
William Billings - Denis O'Hare
Olivia Billings - Alisha Boe
George the Butler - Mark Berry
Nancy Clark - Anna Chlumsky
James Eggly - David Cummings

Police Officer - Terry Miles

Reporter #1 - Jamey Jasta

Reporter #2 - Atticus Jackson

Reporter #3 - Jon Grillz

Reporter #4 - Nicole Goodnight
Reporter #5 - Andrew W.K.


Written by Ali Garfinkel.
Directed by Alex Aldea and Ali Garfinkel.
Music composition (except for Jazz Piano Parts) by Alex Aldea and Andrew Joslyn.

Chapter 10 features a rendition of God Bless America and the National Anthem of U.S.S.R.

Live Strings by Andrew Joslyn.
Jazz Piano Parts were written and performed by Mark Rodriguez.
Foley and Sound Design: Victor Figueroa and Alex Aldea.
Editing by Victor Figueroa, James Kim, and Alex Aldea. 

Here is a link to the script.

This episode is sponsored by MeUndies and Squarespace.